Re: Twitter reveal — It was well written

One thing that struck me about Twitter’s reveal over the weekend was how it was written.

It got to and revealed the points quickly and clearly.

So much ‘journalistic’ writing these days follows this pattern:

Click bait headline

Repeat click bait headline with a few more words as a subtitle

Popup asking for an email or subscription to a site I’ve never heard of and have only read 13 words of, so far

Setting a landscape to build back to the point of the headline, laden with biased terms and sketchy reasoning. Which gets me thinking that I’m going to have to buy into their stretches to believe the original point.

Getting back to the point of the headline, but with more words and squishier premise than the headline led you to believe.

Followed by list of ads for strange things that presumably pay the bills for the folks writing this gunk.

Another common pattern is:

Click bait headline

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How about tell me in a few sentences?