Investment advisors are hacks

Most paid investment advisors aren’t worth the price.  Save your time and money by investing in low cost index funds.  The article linked below shows investment portfolios built entirely from index funds.  Better yet, these portfolios have performed above the market average – something that most investment advisors cannot claim.

Article:  Lazy Portfolios by Paul Ferrell


Why the free market works

In the column linked below, Walter Williams (an economist at George Mason University) does a nice job explaining why free markets reduce the potential for human conflict, while government increases it.    

Bitter Partisan Politics by Walter Williams

Of course, I’ve experienced plenty of heated debates over which products available in the free market were the best, but whether I won or lost the debate I could still buy whichever product I preferred. 

The virtue of greed

Milton Friedman on Donahue discusses greed and capitalism. 

Friedman was like Merlin the Magician at saying things that made people go hmmm, especially about free markets.  Most people can’t fathom how free markets work and reflexively believe that they don’t work because greed is bad.

Friedman does a masterful job in this vid at dispelling the myth that greed drives capitalism.  Rather self-interest drives capitalism, and that’s not the same as greed.  And, wouldn’t you rather have your interests driving what you give and get from society than a communist commisar or even the President of the United States?