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I never liked the question, “What’s your favorite…?” Here’s why.

Even as a kid, when asked what was my favorite color or sports team, I didn’t like this question and folks didn’t like my answer:

“It depends.”

They often respond, “You have to pick one.”

“Why? Do you want me to make something up?”

Seth Godin explains my side well here.

Most people agree with me, but have been programmed to pick a favorite and don’t even seem to realize how inconsistent picking a favorite is to their own behavior. They think I’m the crazy one.

This happened in the late 1900s?

I couldn’t stop reading this story about the author’s family slave.

I found so much about the story to be mind boggling.

One thing that stood out was how mean his parents were to her. They were nice to everyone else, to their kids, their friends and other family members.

I think it’s a good example of how power corrupts. Many folks imagine they would be a benevolent king, but they don’t see the feedback mechanisms that keeps them from becoming monsters. They think they’re nice to others just because. This story might make them question that.