Random thoughts on the election

Our choice seemed to be between Dumb and Dumber. Dumber won.

Or maybe it was between the Grasshoppers and the Ants. The Grasshoppers won. Too bad they’ll eventually run out of ants to boss around.

The Presidential election was pretty much 50/50. I think back to this post. 50 is not ‘the will of the people’, it’s really not even the will of half of the people since many people don’t vote.

I know this isn’t original, but I do wonder if Obama will continue to blame his predecessor? I also wonder if anyone who voted for Obama will realize that is Obama?

Folks seem to treat election results like sporting events. They root for folks they don’t know much about. They should treat it more like how they select a doctor or dentist.

The morning after the election I heard a radio host reading off various demographic slices of voters. X% of Latinos voted for Obama. Y% of blacks voted for Obama. Z% of people under 30 voted for Obama. I didn’t hear what percent of “the 47%” that Romney referred to earlier this year voted for Obama. Have you?

I thought it was rather ironic, given that Obama claimed his first victory was the moment that the rise of the oceans would begin to slow, that just before this election Hurricane Sandy lifted the ocean and smashed it into the east coast.

I wonder if the folks who are pleased with the election results have yet checked their insurance rates for next year. I wonder if they looked at their 401k’s the day after the election.


3 thoughts on “Random thoughts on the election

  1. re: 401k…cheap shot, mang. you and i both know that there are so many variables driving (investment) markets that singling out one (like person x was elected to lead country y today) is pretty much impossible.

    • Hi dave – There are a lot of variables discounted into stock prices, agreed. The markets didn’t drop by 100% the day after the election. The S&P 500 dropped by 2.5% and from Oct. 18 it has dropped a total 7.5%.

      Certainly other things have gone on like the destruction caused by Sandy and flaring up in the Middle East. But, who controls government is a factor as well. And having an admin that is hostile to the free market, unpredictably changing the rules and the higher likelihood of Obamacare now becoming full reality hurts stock price valuations.

      Is that responsible for the full 7.5% drop in the last month? No. But I think the election outcome contributed 2.5% – 3% of that drop.

      And, it’s not necessarily just “Obama”. It’s that the U.S. electorate seems to favor the folks that consumer wealth rather than create it.

      As always, thanks for the comment! And thanks for the disagreement!


  2. Hey Dave – Looking at the reports concerning and the editorials and interviews involving the “producers” of wealth in this country and similar reports, interviews, etc. involving and concerning the “moochers”, it’s pretty clear that the “producers” are upset with the results (and consequences) of this election while the “moochers” seem encouraged. Given the fact that wealth is increased by savings and investment of capital rather than by consumption of capital, it’s a safe bet that the moocher to producer happiness quotient indicates that investment returns and hence pension plans (at least for private, non-union citizens) will suffer over at least the remainder of the decade. Of course, I don’t blame Obama alone. I give equal credit to the liberal scum in Congress.


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