Two for those who voted today

Question 1: Was your vote influenced by concern of losing some direct benefit that you are now receiving from the government?

Maybe you believe that your vote will help preserve your Social Security check or Medicare coverage. Or perhaps you’re a teacher who thinks the Federal government will help fund your paycheck. Or you work for a Federal contractor that you expect will get more government work under one administration than the other.

Question 2: At any time recently have you grumbled or thought about ‘how broken our political system’ is because of all the special interests, lobbyists and politicians who promise one thing and do others?

If you answered yes to both questions, have you considered that you are part of the reason  the ‘system is broken’?

1 thought on “Two for those who voted today

  1. no. no. i wrote in ron paul. the only candidate that campaigned in my state. who expects a job when they dont even bother to show up for the interview?


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