Oklahoma Governor doesn’t let Chris Wallace move the goal posts

Tonight was the first time I watched Chris Wallace. Most likely the last, too.

The only reason I watched him was because there was nothing else on while I was making dinner and he was going to have the governor of Oklahoma on to discuss re-opening and I wanted to hear what the Governor had to say.

The interview went something like this (paraphrased from memory):

Wallace: Governor, as your state sets to re-open, are you worried about a second surge?

This question shows either a total lack of understanding by Wallace for the reasoning behind the lockdowns or a willful moving of the goal posts. Either is enough for me to not be interested in watching his show again.

The governor, instead, answered the question Wallace should have answered and provided a good template for others looking on how to discuss their re-openings and keep the media from moving the goal posts.

Governor: Let’s first remember why the shutdowns were made: to build hospital capacity and get enough PPE for our front-line workers. We’ve accomplished that and we’re ready. At the peak we and 554 in the hospital with covid-19, and no we have 300, statewide.


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