If it can help just one…

A common political sales tactic is the ol’, “Even if this government action helps just one person, then it’s worth it” snow job.

It seems we are beyond that snow job now with Obamacare. Apparently, if it only hurts 5% of the population, that’s acceptable.

1 thought on “If it can help just one…

  1. When it was 5% of the population that wanted insurance but “couldn’t afford it” (in other words, chose something else instead that they valued more than insurance), why was 5% such a meaningful numb, yet, when it comes to Obamacare hurting 5% of the people, 5% is a trivial number?

    I guess it all boils down to which 5% matters – Obama’s constituents or those who don’t care for his policies or his handouts.


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