Someone doing their job


I enjoyed McGurn’s opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal today, …Lehrer Got it Right.

Despite all-around criticism that last week’s Presidential debate moderator ‘let things get out of control’, McGurn described Lehrer’s response to the criticism.

“I’ve always said this and finally I had a chance to demonstrate it,” he told Politico. “The moderator should be seen little and heard even less.”

He followed up Monday on radio’s “Imus in the Morning,” saying he wasn’t in the least “apologetic” for how things went. In particular Mr. Lehrer insisted that it wasn’t his job to challenge Mr. Romney on issues favored by the cognoscenti…

“If somebody was going to challenge Romney about the 47%,” Mr. Lehrer said, “it was going to have to be . . . the president and vice versa. They were there to do the challenging.” What a novel idea: Instead of leaving it to the press to decide what issues take priority, let the candidates choose and go at it.






1 thought on “Someone doing their job

  1. Seth – I think Jim Lehrer got it right and humbly placed himself in proper perspective. One of my many jobs is as a wrestling coach and I’m always amazed at how some referees feel that they have to be the show rather than remembering that it’s the athletes that everyone’s there to watch and it should be there performance, not his, who determines who wins and who loses. To often, the media moderators feel the need to “be the show.” The essence of a great moderator is that after the debate we remember only the candidates and recall nothing about the moderator.


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