The hard sell

I recently stayed in a timeshare.  I rented it.  I don’t “own”, as they call it.  I’m not interested in “owning” timeshare, but I liked what the property had to offer for this vacation.  I was satisfied with the property, felt it was worth the price and would recommend it to others.

Upon check-in, though, I had to deal with a pushy salesman whose job was to get me to schedule a sales tour using some hard selling techniques.  He was not successful.

That got me thinking about the hard sell.  Car, life insurance, investments and timeshares are some industries that tend to employ hard selling tactics.

I wonder if it’s effective.

It’s not effective on me.  It turns me off and I go elsewhere. But, I could be in the minority or maybe just in a different target market.  Maybe some folks need the hard sell.



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