Now this is enlightened thinking

I enjoyed this post from Russ Roberts at Cafe Hayek.

In it he contrasts the visions of how the world works between tea partiers and elites.

Tea partiers like freedom generally on moral grounds, principle and because it provides the most for the most.

The elites can’t see that.  They can’t see that their quality of life is dependent nearly every second of every day on someone else and, for the most part, these people provided what they needed and wanted through a decentralized system of prices. The enlightened elites can’t or don’t seem to want to fathom this.  Doing so might mean that we may not need them to tell us how to live.  Can’t have that.

4 thoughts on “Now this is enlightened thinking

  1. i disagree. i think the enlightened elites know it very well. do you see tea partiers as revolutionaries? i see them as another brand of lemming trying to fix the system from within. sister sarah is a great cheerleader, but does she have any substantive ideas about policy? agia and aces are examples of her legacy in alaska during her short-lived stay as an actual public servant.
    how can we limit government with government?
    checks and balances? maybe the judicial branch should be a little more proactive. instead of waiting for cases to be bumped up from lower courts, they could actually contest constitutional irregularities as they see them (maybe they should read bills as well).

    • Revolutionaries? No. But they are correct that freedom and limited government is better than expansive government. I don’t see any of the self-proclaimed intellectual elites espousing freedom or even given it fair consideration.

      I agree, the Judicial branch has not been doing it’s job. It has let Congress overreach beyond its enumerated powers.

  2. one of the comments from your link made a deliniation between fiscal and cultural conservatism. i would support my local tea party candidate (joe miller) if i didnt completely disagree with his cultural conservatism (he is pro-life and supports a creationism curriculum) as it stands…i cant vote for him. (and i wish he would shave or grow a beard. the ‘don johnson’ is so eighties)
    i would assume that there are tea party candidates that are only fiscal conservatives..too bad alaska couldnt field one.

    • That’s one of the problems with categorical political decision-making, it’s tough to get what you want.

      I’ve quoted Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams on this blog on the subject. Both have given great explanations for why we should try to keep as many decisions as possible in the free market instead of the political arena. The latest quote from Williams in the “John Stewart on NPR post”.


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