The Wussification of America

Regular commenter Mike M requested that I start a thread on this topic.

How about the mutual fund industry’s decades-long guilt trip on parents to convince them that it is their duty to save for their children’s college education? Now many parents accept that duty as a given without question.

If college is one of the best investments, there should be no problem finding funds for that investment.

In fact, it would be quite the lesson in investing if students approached college as such rather than a free 4-years at the resort (as a visit to any college campus will reveal that they are now competing for kids not on academic credentials but on the amenities offered and sports affiliations).

It also may not hurt kids to have to work some while earning their degree.

Also, what’s up with bullying? What happened to the old saying, ‘sticks and stone may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.’ I found that to be quite an effective antidote to bullying and hazing.

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