“Experiments” Update

As noted in the sidebar, the photo at the top of this screen is titled “Experiments” and is from a 2010 post of mine with the same title.

I liked it because it represents what goes on around us everyday. Almost everything we do is a trial-and-error experiment. We find something that works and stick with it until we find something that works better.

If you tried a new bathroom cleaner, you are evaluating whether it does a better job than your regular cleaner and whether it’s worth the price.

Every new business and product is a trial-and-error experiment and I thought this photo was a good representation of it. Not only does it show drink makers experimenting with different varieties of drinks to find out what satisfies consumer preferences, but it shows the store management experimenting with how to use its space to offer the most value for its customers and drive the most sales.

Below is a picture of the same space, nearly two years later.

This refrigerated end-cap in a high traffic area of the grocery store use to carry health and sports beverages (see top of screen). It was recently converted to a “You Pick Six” craft beer cabinet.

Store management may have had several reasons to make the change. This end cap is close to the liquor section, so it may have made sense from a product placement.

They might also have six packs with broken bottle or two, and this might be a good way to get rid of the extra inventory.

The sports beverages may not have sold well here. They have been moved to another area of the store and the selection has been reduced to the best sellers.

From a consumer standpoint, this might represent a trend. It seems the latest trend in partying is to offer a variety of craft beers to choose from. This type of cabinet may allow smaller group of people to do just that without having to buy full six packs.