I don’t often make predictions, but here’s one.

I predict that Warren Buffett is not as good at succession planning as he is at investing.

LOST was a good example of bad succession planning

In the end, I suppose things turned out okay for the mysterious island and, apparently, humanity.  But, there were some dicey moments.  Had Jacob done a better job at succession planning the island would likely have never been in danger, but I’m sure the TV series would not have been nearly as interesting.

LOST exhibits many of the characteristics of bad succession planning.  Candidates for the job didn’t know they were up for the job nor did they know the job existed.  The job description was sketchy and the traits on which the candidates were evaluated on were too narrow.   In the end, the job transition wasn’t smooth and the there was a time when there was way too much at stake.

Unfortunately, something resembling this bad succession planning or worse occurs at many organizations.

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