Some thoughts on school safety

There has been a lot talk about arming teachers and administrators in schools to help protect kids. And, there are those who are against that.

Maybe I’ve missed it, but has anyone mentioned arming and training teachers and administrators with non-lethal weapons and techniques like bean bag guns, net shooters, batons, bullet shields, pepper spray and tasers?

It looks like at least one company is thinking this way, too, with a whiteboard that doubles as a bullet shield.

Some inventive people could probably come up with more stuff that can be integrated into classrooms and offer protection from attackers and deterrents.

I’m not sure if they make these, but it seem like some type of device that you throw to the ground and it lets out a smokescreen and expands into a trap that wraps around an attackers legs to trip and contain them might also help, maybe a foam that will seal around their feet and ankles when they step in it..

Rethinking school building design might help. Something like emergency exits on airplanes might work. Pull the lever and the window pops out with an inflatable ramp to exit the building.