What I Want to Hear Politicians Say

This week I listened to an interview of Congressman Roy Blunt from Missouri on the Chris Stigall radio program.  In talking about an upcoming race for Senate to fill the seat currently occupied by Kit Bond, Roy Blunt said something to the effect of:

It will not be hard decision.  If you want more of the policies that the Obama Administration is pushing through, vote for my opponent, who will likely be Robin Carnahan.   If you don’t, then vote for me.

That’s exactly what I want to hear from politicians.  I don’t want to hear long-winded, sophisticate, non-committal discussions on their ever wavering positions which are standard fare for political speech.

I want to hear, these are my principles, this is how I will vote, if you like that vote for me, if not, don’t.  In other words, I appreciate plain and simple honesty.