Debt Junkie

I heard a sound-bite from President Obama on the radio this morning explaining how not getting rid of the debt limit is irresponsible because we shouldn’t put government in the position to default on its obligations.

A simple question that any news reporter should ask:

Mr. President, Wouldn’t it be correct to say that it’s government spending that has put the government in that “irresponsible” position?

Follow-up question: Wouldn’t it be irresponsible to continue borrowing to spend?

By the way, government debt is $15 trillion, which is 3 times the $5 trillion debt in place with W. took office and more than 50% higher than the $9 trillion when Obama took office.

Think Before You Vote

“Get Out and Vote” campaigns annoy me because they encourage folks to wield their political power recklessly.

To help offset the “Get Out and Vote” campaigns for the upcoming presidential election, I propose a “Think Before You Vote” campaign.

The key messages of the campaign would be:

1.  We encourage you to think more if the reason you plan to vote for your candidate is anything like these:

  • I’d like to go have a beer with him (or her).
  • He (or she) is so good-looking!
  • I just think he’ll (or she’ll) be really good for our country!
  • I just think he (or she) is what this country needs!
  • The dude on MTV told me to.
  • That’s who all my friends are voting for.
  • Because I’d never vote for the other guy.

We recommend not deciding who to vote for until you can complete these reasons:

  • While in these previous positions…  …he (she) accomplished…
  • He (she) supports this position because…
  • He (she) believes the Constitution means…
  • He (she) believes the role of the Federal government is…

2.  If any of the reasons that you want to vote for your candidate is because you want to force your fellow citizens to do something because you think it’s a good idea, then I think you owe it to your fellow citizens to explain why you think it’s a good idea and what makes you so sure (like, is there real world evidence to support your claim?).

3.  Can you clearly articulate both sides of the key issues that are important to you and why you believe your side is correct?  You should be able to answer yes.

4. Can you carry on productive political discussions with those who disagree with you?  You should be able to truthfully answer yes before you vote.

Do you and your fellow citizens a favor.  Think before you vote!