Once again, the President does not ‘run the country’

I enjoy watching the Ellen Show with my wife.

Ellen recently had a politically-hot guest on her show and I appreciate when Ellen said, “I don’t know much about politics.”  Here, Ellen sets a great example others–especially those in Hollywood–can learn from.

She went on to exhibit how little she knows about politics by saying the President runs the country. This is one of my pet peeves.

Stalin ran his country.

Mussolini ran his country.

Mao Tse Tung ran his country.

Kim Jon-il runs his country.

If you were a citizen in one of these countries when these guys were leading and one of these guys ordered you to do something, you did it or faced harsh consequences. If our President ordered a citizen to do something, it would be optional. That’s a tremendous difference.

Our Constitution was designed so that our President does not run our country.  (See the link to my pet peeves for the role our President does serve).

And for very good reasons. The outcomes produced by the leaders above demonstrate those reasons. None of these leaders produced results anyone should want to repeat.

Our President doesn’t even really run the Federal government, though that’s closer to an apt description than ‘running the country’.