“Why I Support Obama”: Points 2 & 3

The second point made by the Facebook Obama Supporter (from this post) was:

He ended the war in Iraq and is drawing the war in Afghanistan to a close.  Like he said he would.

In my original post, I mentioned that only one point was really related to the President’s job.  This is it.  The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the military and responsible for our country’s security and foreign policy.

I think the Obama supporter makes a good point here. But, Obama’s other foreign policy and security measures leave a bit to be desired.  Stepping over the Congressional balance of power to get involved in Libya, along with his domestic actions, tells me that the President doesn’t hold the Constitution or his oath to defend it in high regard.

The third point made by the Obama supporter was:

He thinks women should have access to free preventative health care.  Why is that an issue?

This is a free country and even the President can think what he wants.  However, actually providing this as President is not in his job description.  Forcing other to provide this makes this country less free.

For me, this is like saying that according to my Homeowner’s Association covenants, it’s my neighbor’s job to stock my fridge with free bottled war.  My supporting argument is very similar to the supporting argument for free birth control: Without it I might die of thirst and if I’m dying of thirst, that will cause many social costs, like I might steal water from others.  Or, society will lose my production.

But, most people will instantly see problems with my argument.

One problem is that there is no such thing as free bottled water. Someone would need to pay for it. So, had the Obama supporter said “third-party paid preventative care” instead of “free preventative” care this would be more accurate.

A key problem is that HOA does not have the power to force my neighbor to provide me with bottled water. It’s not in the HOA covenants and if someone tried to amend our covenants to add this, the other homeowners would have a good laugh.  What’s not funny is how many people think it’s okay for our Supreme HOA to do things that aren’t in its covenants, for no better reason than thinking, ‘that’s the way things ought to be.’

Finally, the most devastating blow to my argument is that I will not die of thirst if my neighbor doesn’t provide me with bottle water.  Potable water, while essential to my life, is cheap and clean enough from the tap or bottle that very few people in our country go without it.

Also, I’m guessing that the average cost of water, even from the tap, is about the same or more than the average cost of women’s preventative care on a monthly basis.  Yet, amazingly we don’t have arguments about having the government force third parties to provide everyone with water.

And, if there are a few people who have trouble paying their water bill, we take a more targeted approach than changing the entire water delivery system for everyone.  We help them out voluntarily.