What ‘earned success’ means

What ‘earned success’ means to a…

…libertarian: You take risks and with quite a bit of luck, persistence and hard work you discover something that creates value by improving other folks standard of living so much that they willingly trade some of the value they have created (or been given) for it. Folks earn their success by providing for the needs and wants of others.

…conservative: Smart people take risks and with persistence, laser-like focus, the right connections and hard work build an empire. Conservatives tend to gloss over parts about luck and providing for the needs and wants of others.

…moderate: You work hard and become successful.

…liberal: You win prestigious awards, you are viewed as humanitarian or anything else deemed praise-worthy, like designing a really cool phone or giving a heart-felt portrayal of a monster of history on the big screen.

…progressive: Being picked as a winner by a progressive government. If you do what the that government deems as worthy, you’ve earned it. If government is not controlled by progressives at the moment, look to the next most progressive government to see what they deem as worthy.