Unemployment cycles

It doesn’t surprise me that a bunch of young folks are protesting on Wall Street.  After all, since we’ve crimped our job creation engine — innovation and entrepreneurship — what else do they have to do?  Work?

On another note, I’ve heard several radio show hosts and columnists mention that it seems that more people are coming to understand that government isn’t a wealth creator — it’s just an overhead expense.

I also attribute this to the crimping of the job creation engine.  A lot more folks have more time on their hands to sit and ponder these sorts of things since there isn’t as much to do.

A few years ago when the economy was purring and folks couldn’t keep up with their work demands, who had time to think about the role of government in our lives?  Very few.  And unfortunately, I think that’s one of the very causes that led people to become a bit more careless and vote in Republican and Democrat big government types.  They simply didn’t have the time to think about it.  They were too busy building their prosperity.