Great Tea Party Podcasts

Catching up with my Dennis Miller podcasts from the past week, I came across three exceptional podcasts:

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Andrew Breitbart Interview – April 13, 2010

John Stossel Interview – April 15, 2010

Greg Gutfeld Interview – April 15, 2010

Greg Gutfeld and Miller were discussing comments made by Ted Koppel about media.  Koppel apparently longs for the days of three networks.  Apparently, he doesn’t like the competition from the cable and internet.  As Gutfeld puts it:

You know what he actually said.  He said the real problem here is competition.  He’s saying “in the good old days when the three networks didn’t have to try, when we could just do whatever we wanted because there was nothing else.  And now, all these cable stations came in and now we have to work for a living.

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Devil’s Midnight

Redeye is what goes on at Devil’s Midnight on the Fox News channel.

Hosted by Greg Gutfeld, the show seems to be a conservative Daily Show/Chelsea Lately.    I heard about this short Greg-A-Logue on a Dennis Miller show podcast.  The Greg-a-logue discusses on a recent poll that showed 36% of Americans view socialism favorably.

I liked one of the examples given in this video about Socialism.  It went something like:

We need to teach our kids about socialism.  When your kids mow your lawn for $10, don’t give him the $10.  Tell him instead that he needs to share it with the deserving kids down the street.

I would add: Then ask him when he plans to the mow the lawn next time?

I’ve always thought a major disadvantage of conservatism is that it doesn’t win sound byte arguments.   I appreciate creative attempts like this to pack our side of the argument into effective sound bytes.

I’ve had some luck in the past with this.  For example, try this on someone who is against school vouchers: Why do you want to limit choice of the poor?