Disagreement and compassion

Seth Godin on ways to disagree with people. He identifies a marketing problem, a political problem and a filtering problem.

I think there is also an identification problem: When someone agrees with you, but won’t admit it because it doesn’t fit in with how they self-identify. But, if I admit that I wouldn’t be in the compassionate crowd, for example.

Steven Landsburg has help for such people. Here’s his response to a commentator on his blog who cares about coffee shop owners on Capitol Hill who are being hurt by the

coffee and tee

In DC or Nebraska? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

shutdown but who must be…

…apparently oblivious to the fact that taxpayers also visit coffee shops, and that for every dime not being spent by a DC bureaucrat, there’s an extra dime available to be spent by a Nebraska farmer or a New York cab driver. Our commenter apparently remembered to care about the guys selling coffee in DC but forgot to care about the guys selling coffee in Nebraska.

The single biggest lesson that economists have to teach is that it’s important to care about everyone, not just about the people who happen to cross your path.

Random thoughts on the government shutdown

A friend, on Facebook, wonders why government workers who aren’t working should be paid retroactively for not working. I wonder the same thing.

Government officials appear to be overreaching by barricading us out of our public spaces. They seem to have forgotten who they work for.

Another friend wondered how much it cost to put up the barricades and to make it a point to shut down everything.

On the news report of the woman who was shot and killed in DC, I heard that the officers who shot her ‘were not getting paid due to the shutdown.’ Is that true? Will they not be paid retroactively when the government starts up again?

With the theatrics and the conflict of the shutdown, I wonder why anybody wants government to become more involved in anything.

Update: The audaciousness of this government shutdown felt familiar to me. Mike M’s comment helped me recall what it reminds me of.

It reminds me of when the Republic turned into the Empire, in Star Wars, and the clone troopers were re-purposed by now Emperor Palpatine from fighting for freedom to doing his bidding.

Federal Government workers now appear to have stopped working for us and started doing the bidding of one person.