Revealed Preferences

Since he seems like such a big fan, it’d be nice if Soros chose to live in China and leave us free of his desire to impose his will on us and consolidate political power into overreaching politicians.

Dirty Politics

This opinion column lists some of the things George Soros has been working on to keep power in the hands of the left.

The column also mentions the accusations from the left that the billionaire Koch brothers funded tea party efforts.

What a double standard.

By all accounts, Soros’s efforts are intended to bypass true voter intent in order to keep the guys in power that Soros wants.  That’s dirty politics.  That’s like trying to change the rules of the game for your own benefit.  That’s end-justifies-the-means action.

I’d be interested to know more about what the left thinks the Koch brothers specifically did.  Did they provide funds for tea party candidates so they could get the word out and let voters make up their own minds or, like Soros, did they attempt to bypass voter intent by tilting the rules for their benefit?

My guess is the latter and there’s nothing wrong that.