Freeloader Index

I like Arnold Kling’s idea in this post on Econlog for a tax calculator.  Here’s how he describes his tool:

How about a tool that would show how much the government could afford if everybody paid the same amount of income taxes as you do? Suppose we have 150 million households. Based on the hypothetical household that pays $3683 in taxes, that gives roughly $550 billion for the government to spend on everything other than Social Security and Medicare. That’s even stingier than Rand Paul’s budget. A lot stingier.

The tool I have in mind would spit out, “On everything other than Social Security and Medicare, the government spends ___ times what it could afford to if yours was the typical household paying income taxes.” In the example, the blank would be filled in with a number close to four.

I like his idea.  This would give most everyone an idea of how much they demand to freeload off their fellow or future taxpayers.

The blank in the sentence would be your Freeloader Index.  The higher the number, the bigger the freeloader.  What’s your Freeloader Index?