I recently saw a Democrat political ad charging the Republican opponent of favoring the Fair tax.

The ad tried to give the impression that the Republican candidate was for increasing taxes by presenting this as a new sales tax of 23%.

The producers of the ad could claim that it’s technically correct. The Fair tax would be a new tax.

But, I wonder how they would explain why they didn’t mention that it would eliminate and replace the current income tax system.

I imagine the real answer is:  The ad targeted the moderate voter who is generally for lower taxes and doesn’t follow politics much.  It’s designed to give the impression that the candidate they may be thinking about voting for supports higher taxes, which is blatantly false.   It may also be designed to give the impression that Democrat candidate supports lower taxes, which is also blatantly false.

Look,  I know election ads are a dirty game and they must work because those moderate voters seem to respond to such nonsense.  But, this one went even further out-of-bounds and further reduced the low credibility the Democrat candidate had.

If you’re willing to cheat so shamefully on TV in front of everyone before you are elected, what are you going to be willing to do once you are elected?  Shameful.