Great Tea Party Podcasts

Catching up with my Dennis Miller podcasts from the past week, I came across three exceptional podcasts:

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Andrew Breitbart Interview – April 13, 2010

John Stossel Interview – April 15, 2010

Greg Gutfeld Interview – April 15, 2010

Greg Gutfeld and Miller were discussing comments made by Ted Koppel about media.  Koppel apparently longs for the days of three networks.  Apparently, he doesn’t like the competition from the cable and internet.  As Gutfeld puts it:

You know what he actually said.  He said the real problem here is competition.  He’s saying “in the good old days when the three networks didn’t have to try, when we could just do whatever we wanted because there was nothing else.  And now, all these cable stations came in and now we have to work for a living.

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Dennis Miller is Reading Thomas Sowell

In an interview with John Stossel on Dennis Miller’s radio show, Dennis Miller said that he’s reading Thomas Sowell’s book Basic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy.

That’s an excellent place to start.  That’s the first work of Sowell’s that I read and I highly recommend it.  All of it is great, but I particularly remember to the part on the role prices play in our economy being particularly eye opening for me.

If anyone wants to borrow it, I have a copy to lend, though I think newer versions have been released since I bought mine.    Your library should have the latest copies.

You can buy the latest edition, Basic Edition 3rd Ed: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy at