The recent revelations about government treatment of conservative groups and reporters reminds me of the Lance Armstrong story.

Armstrong was a hero. The story was that he had a laser focus on training and used scientific to eeek out everything he could in July from his body and his bikes. He was training “right” in December, while all of his competitors were eating holiday dinners and drinking. He used “periodization” training to “peak out” for the Tour de France in July. He and his team director, Johan Bruyneel, out-strategized their opponents by building a team with specific talents and all dedicated to one goal of helping Lance win.

And, indeed, some of these things did help. After all, Armstrong wasn’t the only one racing dirty. But, the real story emerges about a decade later — btw, I cheated, too.

Reminds me of the 2012 election story. Supposedly, Democrats out-Moneyballed Republicans. They analyzed each district and sent just the right tailored message to each one to get the vote they needed. Now more of the story is emerging…btw, we cheated, too.