Good News

I know this isn’t original, but the thought occurred to me the other day that so much of our attention in on bad news, that it might help to call out some good news items.

I thought a good place to start doing that would be this blog.

Good news item 1:  Dr. Ben Carson. I think it’s good news that he can express his position — which opposes the President’s — in the President’s company. I also think it’s good news that he’s expressing his opinion.

Good news item 2:  I’ve become a fan of good design. I love seeing what a good designer can do on shows like Restaurant Impossible where the designer is given a shoestring budget to transform a space.

However, I’m an inept designer, so I think it’s good news that along with this space to write-in, WordPress also provides some beautifully designed blog themes. The theme I use is called Twenty Eleven and I’m very happy that to give my blog this professional, well-designed look all I had to do is click my mouse buttons a few times. I could have spent days on the blog design and it would have never looked this good.