Strange business model, if you stare at it too long, part 2

Media is another strange business model if you stare at it too long.

What other business gets a pass for double dipping from its customers?

I noticed this while flipping channels late one night on my regular lineup of about 100 channels. I couldn’t find anything worth watching and I noticed every channel that I pay for also gets paid to show me ads.

What’s more, ,any of the channels started streaming services and have moved ‘premium’ content to those services to encourage more people to pay more to watch it, while they let their buggy whip programmed channels rot on the vine.

The base levels of the premium services that people pay extra for, like Discovery+, also runs ads, unless you pay $2 more.

I get the same feeling when I click on a link of an article that looks interesting on some site I’ve never heard of and before I read a word, I get a popup asking me to subscribe, while I also notice that they have ads on the site.

I guess, more power to them. Double dipping seems to be working for them.


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