Why not build more hospital capacity?

We’ve been hearing that hospital capacity is an issue for 2 years.

I find it strange that building more hospital capacity doesn’t ever seem to be considered as a solution.

2 thoughts on “Why not build more hospital capacity?

  1. I’m told that many places are discouraging, if not actually blocking, new hospitals from opening to protect existing hospital conglomerates from competition. Not sure where I read an article about that. It was a while back.

    • I wouldn’t doubt that vested interests seek to protect themselves from competition. But, for me, it’s more of a question of blind spot of someone who doesn’t entertain an obvious solution to what appears to be a recurring problem.

      I can imagine that if these folks saw persistent long lines at COVID testing facilities, they wouldn’t be against expanding testing capacity. Or, if there was persistent long lines at Chipotle (which there have been for years at my local Chipotle), they wouldn’t be against Chipotle expanding its capacity. So, what’s special about hospital capacity that they think it cannot be expanded? I haven’t heard a good answer to that question, yet.


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