Pro/rel arguments & my responses from recent Twitter

Argument: We cannot have pro/rel until there’s enough support!

My response: That’s putting the cart before the horse.

Here’s more: That means, I think support results from pro/rel than pro/rel resulting from support. If that’s right, preventing pro/rel, will just hinder the support.

How does support result from pro/rel?

There are the easy-to-see benefits that I see touted often, like pro/rel makes the relegation battle more interesting, as well as the contests to get promoted from the lower leagues.

But, I think most of the benefits comes from the changes that happen that are harder for folks to see. I wrote more in depth about those here, where I write that I believe 90% of the benefit of pro/rel comes from the changes in incentives at the grassroots level.

That explains why I believe pro/rel results in support, rather than having to wait for the support to be there for pro/rel.

To me, that would be like someone saying that we shouldn’t invent the hamburger before we see support for the hamburger. It doesn’t make sense.


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