Fair warning to FIFA

Dear FIFA,

While I know you are not angels, you have created a global system that’s made your sport super popular, based on a simple idea: sporting merit.

Here’s a warning. The experiment you let run in the U.S. is a parasite that will consume you if you do not act soon.

They told you that the U.S. is different. You were curious to know if their way could work, so you allowed and even funded the experiment. Why not? You didn’t have much to lose then and a lot to gain if soccer grew in the U.S.

Over the past 25 years, soccer has grown in the U.S.

To the casual observer, it looks like its top pro league has grown, too. But, you know as well as anyone that is a con job that is propped up by money from international competitions, as TV revenue for MLS, itself, is not enough to sustain the league.

There’s good reason for that. As Americans learn soccer, we want to watch the best players, best teams and best coaches in the world, so we tune into watch the world’s top leagues. Watching the mediocrity-by-design of MLS soccer is fun in-person, but not compelling enough to keep our attention on TV when we have so many other good options.

But, here’s the deal. The guys in charge in the U.S. are as greedy as you, maybe more.

That they haven’t transferred the success from other American sports leagues to the MLS has not made them any more willing to accept your model for soccer that has been proven the world over.

Rather, they may be coming for you.The European Super League was the first attempt to graft American sports collusion onto your game. They won’t stop.

Rather than replicate your proven model for success, they will come seeking to take command of the cash flows your way has created.

You can stop it. Simply start enforcing your regulations on US Soccer or open the door to charter another federation in the U.S. that will abide by your regs.


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