MLS D3: Is it a step toward pro/rel

Asked on Twitter: Is this a step toward pro/rel?

Answer: No. It’s about the 10th step US Soccer has taken away from it.

MLS D3 is the MLS attempt to further corner the market on American talent, so the MLS owners can monopolize the revenue streams that the NFL knuckleheads just recently discovered: selling player contracts of up-and-coming talent to clubs abroad and receiving solidarity payments and training compensation as those players continue to be traded.

MLS owners saw a few scraps escape them, as a crop of young Americans have gone to play for foreign clubs, without a dime going to the MLS, because they weren’t under contract.

It’s also evidence that the same knuckleheads see the soccer market in the U.S. as a zero sum game that they want to corner (and don’t realize they are restraining), rather than a positive sum game that could grow with the right incentives.

I would rather own a small piece of an exponentially growing pie, than all of a small pie that I keep to myself.


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