Mountain Bike Trails, Everywhere

Bentonville, Arkansas is becoming a mecca for mountain bike trails.

Previously, I thought mountain bike trails ought to be something that you drive out to, that are built on gobs of land, so you can get a few miles of trail and get a good workout.

Bentonville said, nah, we’ll put them everywhere. Why not have a mountain bike trail right next to a paved bike path in a park? Maybe trails can be short and technical, but close to where people are so they can get to the trail more often and learn, then they will be better when they go to the longer trails out in the wilderness.

On their Masterpiece trail, they’ve even built a bridge over walking path.

Segment of Masterpiece trail in Bentonville, Arkansas

Parks & Recreation departments looking to add some pizzazz to their parks or trails, might consider taking a closer look at what’s going on in Bentonville. It might give you some ideas on where to put little pieces of fun trails in your parks.

Now, I can see lots of places trails can fit. In parks with paths, in parks that even have a hint of wooded areas, along parkways, along roads.


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