Discovery+ demotes cable subscribers to 2nd class

It makes perfect sense that you launched a streaming service. People have been cutting their cable TV subscriptions and it makes sense for you to offer a product to reach those viewers.

But, I don’t understand why you are punishing your remaining cable TV subscribers in the process by not giving us access to the same new content.

Presumably you already get a few bucks a month from us out of what we pay for our monthly cable bill. I would bet it’s on par with the $5/month you are charging for your base streaming service.

Presumably you also make money by selling ads on your cable channels. So, you are already double dipping on us.

Now you want to triple dip. You want us to pay you again to see the new content while those who have cut the cord only pay once.

At the same time, you’re running old content for us cable subscribers. Then, you remind us at every commercial break that what we have been paying you isn’t enough for you greedy a-holes to show us your new content and that we have to pay you more to see it.

That feels like quadruple dipping.

I can make the same gripe about Disney+.

You all should be treating your remaining cable subscribers and streaming subscribers as equals, rather than demoting us to 2nd class.

At minimum, your cable subscribers should have free access to the base level of streaming.


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