Good handout for new soccer parents

One of the best things I read on the internet recently is Chris Kessell’s first handout to new parents in his soccer club.

It’s well written and efficient. I’ve tried to write about a lot of these concepts so they might be understandable to folks new to soccer and I know how tough it is. Chris did a great job.

Just a couple nits…

I agree with one commenter to his post about word-smithing, “Encourage your young player to make mistakes.”

I might suggest adding, “…and learn from them.”

In my experience, when I’ve ‘encouraged mistakes’, I’d see repeated mistakes without learning. When I asked why I keep seeing the same mistake, they’d respond, “You said mistakes are okay.” Adding the expectation about learning helps with that.

My other nit is that #9 should be #1. It seems like common sense, but it’s not in the soccer world.


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