The religion of ‘science’

Headline from CNBC: Why scientists are changing their minds and disagreeing during the coronavirus pandemic


In the scientific world, it’s expected that even the highest-ranking academics will evolve their thinking — and many have done so during this Covid-19 pandemic.

I cringe when I hear folks say that what they believe is based on science, research or studies, because what they are really saying is: I believe this and nothing will change my mind and btw, I don’t know what science is, but it sure sounds good.

Science seeks the truth. At the heart of that process is staying open to the possibility that whatever you believe could be wrong and considering contrary evidence to your beliefs.

When you close yourself off to that, you are no longer in accordance with the scientific method and are treating science as a religion.

Overly relying on what they think science says also tells me these things:

  • They haven’t noticed when ‘science’ was proven wrong and reversed.
  • They have spent zero time reading an actual study, which is usually a lot less convincing and authoratative than what gets boiled down in the media.
  • They have zero knowledge of statistical tricks, errors, misinterpretations, correlation vs causation and problems with study design and so forth.


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