Has anyone check hand washing norms in places that have fared better with the virus?

I flipped past MSNBC this afternoon and caught a segment with Chuck Todd talking to guest about receiving packages in the mail and staying safe.

It turns out the 2 month old guidance to wait a day or two before bringing the package in may be overkill.

It also turns out that studies that detected the presence of the caronavirus on surfaces days after contact may have been detecting dead, non-contagious virus, and the virus doesn’t live that long on surfaces.

Makes sense. This sort of lines up with the fact that grocery stores, so far, have not been proven to be big spreaders.

The guest recommended opening the package, disposing the box and then washing your hands thoroughly.

LOL! So, we’ve come full circle. Isn’t that where we started?

We’ve come a long way in a short time. That type of suggestion would have caused  outrage a few days ago.

But, it made me wonder if anyone has taken a deeper look at differences in hand washing culture in areas that have fared better vs. those that haven’t?

I believe I read that Denmark was perplexed to not see cases rise as they re-opened. I wondered if they, perhaps, are strong hand-washers, especially when out in public.

Just a thought.



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