GTA + Soccer Training = Success??

This Coaching Soccer Weekly podcast is worth a listen: Using Game Design in Training Sessions.

The guest, Sergev Rabinoviz, discusses bringing the addictive video game design elements into soccer practice.

One way he does it is to track scores players earn during rondos (training games) that places players into a 1st, 2nd and 3rd division pro/rel system.

I like this idea, though, because it takes away subjectivity and bias inherent to coaches rankings and puts the ownership in the players’ hands.

If anyone complains about what division their kid is in, you can show them what the scores are based on and tell them what to work on to improve their scores.

It sounds like this works well with high performing teams, Sergev’s team and Anson Dorrance’s North Carolina women’s team.

I’m interested to see it would work well with beginning and mid-level teams. I think that’s were we miss out in the U.S. As Tom Byer says, “raise the bottom to push up the top.”


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