What happened to the curve in Scandinavia?

I saw this CNN article referenced today as support that Sweden’s approach “didn’t work.”

It reported Sweden’s coronavirus deaths are higher than Denmark, Norway and Finland, though not as high as Italy and Spain.

A key missing piece of data, though, is the proportion of each population thought to have had coronavirus in each country.

Since Sweden’s approach was thought to get them to herd immunity faster, is it possible that they are further along their infection curve?

Governor Cuomo recently reported that 20-25% of New Yorkers have likely already the virus. What’s that number for Sweden and these country countries?

Let’s say 50% of Sweden’s population has been infected compared to 10% of Denmark’s.

Would it be fair to compare the death of the two countries at this point?

Do we think Denmark has avoided the deaths that might occur when the next 40% of its population becomes infected, or do we now believe that lockdowns have avoided the eventual spread of the virus to a significant portion of the population?

If so, why? What has changed?


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