What Arnold Kling said

His name is Arnold Kling! I agree. Especially this bit:

I am still cranky, for the same reasons as before. We still do not have results of random-sample testing to have an idea of how many people have the virus in various regions. We still do not know how viral load affects outcomes. We still do not know whether people get it from touching surfaces and then touching their faces, or whether they have to breathe near an infected person. We still are not conducting any scientific experiments. Instead, we are contemplating mass “experiments” with changing regimes for social distancing, arguing over putting at risk either more economic activity or more human lives. Worse yet, we really won’t learn anything from these “experiments.”

We still talk about political leaders “re-opening the economy,” as if the economy is theirs to re-open and individual choices will not be affected by the virus. People still expect that any and every household and business can be saved from the consequences of the virus, because government has the know-how and skill to undertake this. People still conceive of government as an infinite storehouse of riches that is disconnected from any need to obtain the wealth that it purports to distribute.

Any press conference at any level should address what is being done to work toward the info in Kling’s first paragraph and how long it will take.


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