Gimme me a break, US Soccer

Seeing Twitter updates from the USSF AGM (United States Soccer Federation Annual General Meeting) over the past couple days make me laugh and smh.

The bureaucracy to productivity ratio in soccer in the U.S. is very high. It astounds me.

It’s not only at that national level, it’s at the local level, too, with state federations and local soccer leagues.

It’s like I wrote in this post, US youth soccer is like a Rube Goldberg machine — an overly complex machine for a simple task: getting kids playing soccer. There’s way too much red tape and paperwork required to get kids playing soccer.

Those in power have barricaded themselves in by defining voting blocks that do not represent the soccer community, but rather represents those already in power. And, we all sit here like dolts and accept it.

What can we do to change it?



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