Small soccer world

I had been “coaching” a kid’s soccer team for just over two years when we faced our first true soccer team.

I clearly remember that day. It’s the day I realized there was more to this game.

They killed us. They could trap and pass well. We bunched up and chased the ball. They passed to the open players.

It hurt my players’ egos, since they were an all girls team.

It turns out their coach was a guy I had met at a skills class that I had taken my team to a few months before and he remembered me and our team. He was very gracious not to call me an idiot and tell me that I knew nothing about soccer.

I saw that coach again, tonight. He was the assistant coach on the sideline for the USWNT match against Sweden.

His name is Milan Ivanovich.

As humiliating as that defeat was, it also got me learning.

It’s good to see that I didn’t get run down by just some run-of-the-mill coach. He may have some chops.

I was lucky face him that day. I wish him the best.


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