Freedom and soccer

In the the land of the free of the U.S., soccer operates more like the regime that inspired colonists to declare independence from Great Britain in 1776.

It amazes me that in a free country, youth soccer clubs can’t receive solidarity payments, which are the norm in most of the rest of the soccer world and are supported by soccer’s world governing body, FIFA.

For example, when English Premier side Chelsea recently paid German first league side Borussia Dortmund to transfer American Pulisic to their team, Pulisic’s youth squad, PA Classics didn’t receive a solidarity payment.

Whatever the merit of US Soccer’s stance against solidarity payments, it amazes me that they actually have a say in transactions between private parties.

As Larry the Cable Guy might say, “What is this Rushie (i.e. Russia)?” Oh wait. Probably a bad example. I believe youth soccer clubs in Russia are allowed to receive solidarity payments.


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