Some thoughts about immigration

Similar to my previous post about tariffs, I also notice an asymmetry in the way the media reports it when the U.S. wants to enforce its immigration laws but doesn’t seem to mention how other countries enforce their immigration laws.

This is especially true when the media reports on officials from other countries criticizing the U.S., but doesn’t mention how well the officials’ countries enforce their immigration laws or whether they believe their own countries should be as lenient as the officials suggests the U.S. should be.

I also think it’s strange that folks often come down on the side of not enforcing immigration law, but not nearly as often do they suggest we change immigration law to better suit their preferences.

I personally think we should change the law by raising the limits on how many immigrants are legally allowed to immigrate to the U.S. But, I also do not think it’s bad for countries to enforce their immigration laws.

Most do and it doesn’t seem nearly as controversial as when the U.S. does.



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