Sports and Politics

Most of the banter between sides in politics is the same as sports. My team vs. your team. Us vs. Them. He said, she said.

In terms of debate, though, there’s no there there.

It never gets to actual discussing of issues and reasoning. It stays at the level of your side is all good and the other guys are all bad.

Most of the banter in sports is to sell beer, t-shirts and hats.

Most of the banter in politics is to keep you from thinking. If your side convinces you that I’m bad, then they minimize the risk of losing you.

I think you should be wary of people who act like this because they’re employing the same tactics as the adults in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village.

[Spoiler alert] 

They used phony beasts in the woods to keep their kids from exploring beyond the village limits and discovering there was an entire modern world out there.

Economist Thomas Sowell said:

There are no solutions, only trade-offs.

The world looks very different when you grasp this.

You begin to feel like the kids who found their way through the woods. You realize that many of your beliefs were built on fiction because others thought it best for you and for them.



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