Do your homework

I’m looking forward to reading a new book, The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt.

Here’s the first part of the description on Amazon:

The generation now coming of age has been taught three Great Untruths: their feelings are always right; they should avoid pain and discomfort; and they should look for faults in others and not themselves.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the generation coming of age now.

This describes well the attitude of the person I wrote about in my previous post and he came of age quite a while back.

I think it started about 30 years ago when schools and MTV encouraged people to To Get Out the Vote and Rock the Vote, instead of encouraging those of us coming of age then to Do Your Homework, Think About, Discuss it with Others, Come to a Reasoned Conclusion, Then Vote.

But, then again, they may not be able to control your vote if you did all that.

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