Does Don Garber not know that the MLS is the local “hot dog cannon” league?

MLS Commissioner Don Garber thinks there’s too much soccer on TV.

Here’s his quote:

There’s more soccer on [US] television than any other sport by far. You’ve got European soccer. You’ve got Mexican soccer. You’ve got Major League Soccer. There’s way too much soccer on television. I think all of us got to figure out a way to narrow that window so you can get a situation like the NFL has, a couple of days a week, short schedule, something that’s very compelling and very targeted.

That’s like a high school football coach complaining that there’s too much football on TV, with all the college and professional games.

The schedule doesn’t make the league compelling to watch. The quality of the product on the field does.

We watch European and South American football on TV because we like to watch the best in the world play great soccer.

That’s the same reason folks watch the NFL on TV.  There’s not a big market for high school games on TV.

We go to our MLS games for the same reason we go to high school football games. It’s fun to experience the sport live, with friends, drink beer and support the local team, even if it isn’t the best quality. We even have a chance of catching a free hot dog shot from the cannon at halftime.

If the MLS adopted the features of the foreign football leagues, rather than other American pro sports leagues (in sports not widely played elsewhere), I think the value of the MLS would grow exponentially, rather than incrementally, because before long more people inside and outside the U.S. will want to watch it because it will have its share of the world’s top players.


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