U.S. Soccer isn’t Amazon

In the Men in Blazers Emergency Podcast about US Men’s Soccer, following the defeat in T&T, Davo had a good commentary.

At around 45 minutes in, Davo said, in response to Rog’s comment that significant changes at U.S. Soccer will surely fall out:

My counterpoint to that is soccer is not owned by the authorities, soccer is owned by the people, owned by the streets, owned by the players.

It’s not like I expect U.S. Soccer to work with the efficiency of Amazon. It’s not that kind of an organization.

I do think governance is very important in all organizations and I think we got to look at U.S. Soccer, look at governance, look at who’s standing for election.

I think what happens as U.S. soccer next is going to be significant, but it isn’t going to be the be all and end all to football.

Then Davo went on to explain that the reason US MNT didn’t do well in this hex is because they leaked 13 goals because they don’t have a good center back pairing, otherwise they aren’t that bad.

I agree with what Davo says about soccer being owned by the players. That goes to the problem I identified in my previous post — lack of soccer culture in the U.S.

With better soccer culture, the U.S. could produce an elite pool a 100-500 players deep, any random combination of which would be Top 10 in the world rankings.

If that were to happen, the discussion wouldn’t be about U.S. Soccer governance. It would be, should we have given more minutes to Lebron or Curry on the National Team?

But, I disagree that the problem with the National Team is lack of a good center back pairing.

Maybe a better center back pairing would have helped the U.S. place better than 5th of 6 and losing to the 6th place in the CONCACAF Qualifying Hex, which is a weak group, but it would not make a meaningful difference in the U.S.’s place in the world order — currently 28th.

They’d still be far short of the Top 10.

While I believe the U.S. Soccer isn’t fully responsible for the state of soccer culture in the U.S., I do believe there are things they could do to help it along.

More to come…

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