“Some Say…” II

Lately, the media has reminded me this blog post of mine from 2013.

When reporting stories, especially politically-charged ones, they often present an opposing viewpoint under the guise, “but some say…”

Journalists use this trick to present their own viewpoints without appearing biased.

Lots of people say lots of things, especially on Twitter. It’s easy for journalists to find folks on it who have expressed opinions they agree with. They can weave that into the story to get their viewpoint into it and still claim to be unbiased…”but some say that isn’t right!

How often do they let us know who those people are?

Since lots of people say lots of things, why did the journalist pick that viewpoint to add to the story over dozens of others?

Just how many is ‘some’?

Keep that in mind the next time you hear a reporter say, “Some say…”



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